Efficient Project Management Consultancy Solutions

For Sakshham, project management is like water to a thirsty soul. We have been working in the PMC domain for years and are considered pioneers in end-to-end project management. Our professional team of project managers, structural engineers and construction experts can provide comprehensive project management solutions.

Our services are meant to bring down costs, improve the structural strength and ensure that a project gets completed on time, without any hindrance or delay.

Multi-phased Project Management Lifecycle

Project management lifecycle outlines high-level processes that are critical for delivery of a successful project. According to Project Management Research Institute, $122 million gets wasted due to lack in project performance for every $1 billion invested in different projects by companies in the United States, alone.

With the help of effective project management, resources can be optimally utilized, and wastage can be prevented. 57% of all the unsuccessful projects fail because of communication breakdown. With a dynamic project management lifecycle, a project can benefit phenomenally as ideation, goal discovery, execution planning and completion process can be taken care of, holistically. Our project management lifecycle typically involves the following four phases:

A. Initiation

B. Planning

C. Execution

D. Closure

Comprehensive PMC Solutions by Sakshham

Sakshham has years of experience in managing construction projects across industry domains. Having handled projects at different stages, we have mastered a full-suite service portfolio that is suitable for all forms of construction projects. Fundamentally, our services comprise of:

Pre-construction Solutions (Initiation & Planning):

Our pre-construction solutions help define a functional roadmap for the future of the project. This stage generally involves consulting you about how things will work out during the construction phase. The pre-construction phase is critical to outline the cost, timeline and quality objectives. Our pre-construction services involve:

    • Development of Project Charter
    • Design Management
    • High level Budgeting & Scheduling
    • Contracts Management & Procurement

Construction Management Solutions (Execution):

Construction management begins after all the planning is complete. Our experts create a detailed construction management strategy that involves managing and monitoring contractors, supervising construction processes and performing quality checks from time to time. Our construction management solutions encompass:

    • Methodical Design Coordination with all consultant
    • Methodical Site Execution Approach
    • Execution Checklist Development
    • Quality Assurance & Safety Planning
    • Micro-level Budgeting & Scheduling
    • Monitoring Detailed Budget & Cash Flows
    • Material Requisition
    • MIS & Reporting (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
    • Billing & Invoicing

Post-Construction Solutions (Closure) :

Our post-construction solutions are offered to ensure streamlined handover of a project site to the client. We coordinate with various vendors to ensure every essential document- manuals, drawings and technical documentation from different stakeholders get into worthy hands. Our post-construction solutions also involve optimizing the value of the project by achieving a low lifecycle cost.

    • Final measurement verification & certification of executed works in total.
    • Snag List & Handover Check Lists
    • As-built Drawings Co-ordination
    • Project Value Engineering & Learning

Other Expert Services